Walter takes care of all the services to the person

How did you get the idea

Many of the proposal of services to the person, of social network 3.0 but it lacks without doubt a little physical social link of true meeting.

Your products and services :

All services to the person, courier velotaxi and all the needs that you would like to entrust to your concierge.

At home: small DIY, gardening, cleaning, ironing … your internal logistics

Pours your children, seniors: keep them, help with homework, various animations

During your absence: check in check out, water the plants, feed your animals

Neighborhood courier: transport of people or goods, children at school, seniors at the market, at the doctor’s office …

Your neighborhood concierge is there to meet ALL your needs, even the craziest ones.

Your success factors :

Fight against moonlighting, connect people with needs and micro entrepreneurs who want to increase their purchasing power.

Group all services that you no longer have time or that you do not know how to achieve … ..

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one :

A physical place

An app and a site 3.0

A proposal pushed and not requests “bottles to the sea”.

Each request will be sent directly to each approved provider who will have the opportunity to accept it or not.

Personal management of the services: selection, support. ..

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

Part of the price of the service will be levied to cover the costs of management of the service: rental locations container, salary of people at home, site management, selection and monitoring providers.

Your competitors :

Sharing network sites (not really competitors, my service will be a plus with these networks)

The services companies to the person

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