The social network for business angels

The idea: 
 Create a social network for business angels with the ability to “bet” directly online on projects that interest them. A  Business angel  is a natural person who invests part of his assets in an innovative company with potential and who, in addition to his money, makes available to the entrepreneur, his skills, his experience, his relational networks and a part of his time. (wikipedia)

Functioning:  The social network created would bring together business angels and project promoters on the one hand. Business Angels choose on the network and put their funds directly on projects that interest them. Payments can be made by credit card. The network guarantees the follow-up of the fundraising until the delivery to the project leader. A meeting (non-virtual) is organized for the signature of the contracts.The social network remunerates by taking a percentage from the funds raised.

Starting Investment:  For well-developed social network $ 8000.

Risks:  Projects will not fail. But are business angels ready to play the game?

The telephony and energy offers are multiplying and it is more and more complex to see clearly. the idea is to create a business that helps individuals and businesses find the best telephony or energy provider.


Most advice can be done by mail or phone. What we sell is above all independence with respect to operators and suppliers. The role of the advisor can sometimes be reduced to confirming a choice already made by a company for example before it subscribes.

The remuneration may be on a fee or lump sum basis.

Initial investment:

Presentation web page with contact details: 1000 $. A lot of prospecting time

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