The connected fridge

How did you get the idea :

All our devices are now connected. Since the appearance of thermomix and now Cookeo, cooking has never been easier. However, we are sometimes lacking in culinary ideas despite a fridge still full.

” What are we eating ? ” That is the question !

Your products and services :

The connected fridge is able to record every ingredient that is put in and removed. It takes into account the quantity, quality and flash the unlimited date of consumption. A screen is incorporated in the fridge to allow exchanges. A scale can also be added to the product and placed next to it, at the worktop level. Depending on this, it offers the possible dishes to achieve that will appear on the screen but also on your tablet or phone.

It only remains to get to the stove.

No more food waste, no more idea, no more routine!

Your success factors :

I think it will be a product that will appeal to families.

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one :

My product is more than a fridge, it is a 1.1 version. My main partners will be the builders of refrigerators, that goes without saying.

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

Launch price: 1000-5000 € according to the quality of the fridge (American, classic, mini bar)

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