Start an organic chicken farm, how much it costs, how to do it and Support kit to download

What is needed to start the Organic Hens Breeding Farm
In fact, to start an organic chicken farm , in the early days it may be sufficient to have a small plot of land, for a small number of hens (which of course must be left free to roam); land that can be purchased or simply rented, so as to further reduce the economic outlay that is needed for the initial investment. Once the soil is obtained, it must be fenced off and equipped with feeding troughs (the size of which will widen with increasing number of hens), cold rooms and drinking troughs. The most important aspect, of course, is that the animals are free to move, and above all that they can do it in a space suited to them and consistent with their nature. As for the type of animals to choose, one can only focus on the laying hen , which is the one that ensures a profitable oviculture ; it is good to opt, then, for native animals, which have the advantage of being able to resist disease.

Start an organic chicken farm: costs and earnings
Compared to other types of farming , that of organic hens requires a rather low initial outlay; it must also be taken into account that oviculture gives immediate gains, and there is no need to wait months or years to see the first revenue. You can decide to sell the eggsdirectly to consumers, perhaps by applying initially low prices to promote the business (25 cents per egg), or resort to a vending machine to be replenished day after day. It is no exaggeration to hypothesize, already for the first year, a sale of 30 thousand eggs, which can then be extended over time, also in consideration of the increasingly strong attraction that the zero kilometer exerts against consumers. The important thing, in any case, is to refer to an adequate business plan, which takes into account not only the short but also the long term, taking into consideration, beyond the initial costs, all the variables that could play an important role , such as market saturation in the sector, distribution costs and supply costs.

Start an organic chicken farm: bureaucracy
At the legislative and bureaucratic level, it is always advisable to consult the local regulations, be they regional, provincial or municipal, in order to start a organic hen breeding , because they can vary from area to area. Referring to the local section of Coldiretti or to the nearest agricultural consortium, then, you can get all the information on the veterinary and sanitary hygiene rules that are in force. The Italian National Aviculture Union can also provide important support from this point of view.

In terms of contributions and taxes, the rules change according to the profits that are registered and, in general, to the volume of business: in some cases it may be sufficient to open the VAT number and act as a sole proprietorship, while in others it may be more useful to register with the Inland Revenue as a simple company. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the trade associations in order to know how to open a position at Inail level and INPS level, starting all the necessary procedures to start the activity also on the basis of Decree Law number 267 of July 2003 specifically dedicated to breeding of laying hens , as well as of Reg. (EC) 1804/99 concerning the “method of organic animal production”

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