Roadable, the road trip planner

How did you get the idea :

The definition of a road trip is wide, it is a trip a bit special since it is done by car, bike or hitchhiking. It can be organized or improvised but it is very often fixed-term. The idea has therefore come from the fact that organizing a road trip is far from being an easy task: one must have a minimum of knowledge about the destinations envisaged. In order not to miss anything during his road trip, we get lost very quickly.

Your products and services :

Roadable is an application  present on two interfaces: an application moving to ensure maximum freedom, as well as a web application in order to optimize comfort. In four words, this is a planner of road trip. No more long hours to browse the various guides travel or advice in line roadable you offers of programs customized including hikes and recommended visits, the inevitable site, itineraries, list of accommodation … In order to carry out your road trip in all tranquility. Fill in your preferences (means of transport, style of accommodation, more or less sports, …) and your points and dates of departure and arrival. The application does the rest, all on design and intuitive interfaces.

Your success factors :

We are 4 students in fifth year of engineering school. Soon graduated, we developed our application from a common idea. Thanks to our varied technical profiles, we complement each other and have all the resources necessary for the good performance of our project. Creative, ambitious and united, we are ultra motivated to grow our baby application.


Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one :

Mobile or web applications that reference all activities on a given route, there are heaps. But these apps require you that you already know the route you want to follow. You need to enter a starting point A and a point B of arrival, these apps find you the shortest wayand activities on the road. For example, if you want to make a trip Paris – Biarritz, the existing will offer you to go through Orleans, Tours, Niort and Bordeaux. But is the shortest way the ideal path? Roadable will calculate, according to the time you have the optimal path so that you can make the most of it. Depending on your preferences, Roadable will generate a program with steps; day after day, hours after hours, making you make a detour to Nantes for example, then making you visit all the Atlantic coast and its inevitable. The shortest route is not always your ideal route.

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

Our remuneration will be based on the partnership with the different actors of tourism. Indeed, Roadable encourages a traveler to discover a place on which he may not have intended to go in the first place, to carry out activities that he would surely not have done without the suggestion of a program. roadable. The profitability of the application will be based on a percentage taken when booking an activity, hotel, or other.

Your competitors :

Our application is innovative in that, to this day, no application generates a suggestion of a route with potential steps and activities from the user’s profile. This is why there are no competitors as such. However, all applications for planning a road trip can be like competitors, applications such as: Field trip (by Google, locates activities nearby) or Roadtrippers (provides you the most short between 2 points and activities near this route).

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