Open a shop selling fashion accessories and jewelery franchises: all the details and the 5 best franchisors

Fashion accessories and jewelry: a gift for oneself and others
If you are reading this guide it is likely that you are wondering whether opening a fashion accessories store and franchising jewelery is a good idea. This sector could be interesting first of all for two reasons. The first is that fashion and jewelery accessories are a field that practically knows no crisis both as regards personal purchases and purchases made for others, for example as a gift , for any occasion.

Secondly, this sector could be interesting due to the range of prices that it does not cover from low cost to luxury; this means that the potential customer base that you could reach is almost infinite.

The accessories and jewelery sector is actually very vast and includes a very wide range of products ranging from accessories for the person to fashion accessories such as bags or jewelry , from costume jewelery to high-end jewelery.

Open a fashion and jewelery accessories store: from low cost to luxury
As I told you in the previous lines the market of jewelry and fashion accessories and therefore very vast also with regard to the franchise the offers differ from each other both in the type of goods offered and in regards to the investment necessary to start your business as a franchisor .

We will see later in the offers of some brands that have decided to invest in the Italian territory, as the initial investment that you will have to face is really very diversified; this aspect represents an advantage because it allows practically anyone to enter this sector with a new entrepreneurial activity.

Before seeing in detail some brands that you could choose and find out, however, what are the obligations I should face to open your franchise business .

What do I have to do to open a fashion and jewelry store?
If you decide to rely on one of the brands that has decided to expand using the franchise, you will almost certainly have a range of information and assistance available, even with regards to the opening of the store or the necessary paperwork.

Keep in mind that a fashion and jewelery accessory business is a very simple type of store but you have to comply with the rules set for new business activities.

We will discuss in the following section of the identification of the most suitable commercial premises . With regards to the formalities relating to the opening of the business, it must first of all open an individual or corporate VAT number , depending on the form you will choose for your business. From this point of view we advise you to go to an accountant or ask for a consultation before choosing, especially if the franchise investment involves more people.

After opening the VAT number, the second step is to register with the Chamber of Commerce . You will need to contact the competent office for the place where you have decided to open your store. Both for you and for any members and employees, you will also need to register with INPS and INAIL. Once these practices are finished you will be practically ready for your activity and can then send the single communication for the start of activity to the municipality in which the new business is located.

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