Open a private circle: requirements, licenses, full kit support authorizations

In hectic times like ours, finding time to relax a little, in the company of people who have interests similar to ours, can be salvific. That is why opening a private circle – which, by definition, aims to promote socialization among the people who frequent it – can prove to be a winning idea. The important thing is to do everything according to the rules and not to take advantage of the tax breaks that exempt from paying taxes. The inspiring intent must be primarily solidaristic and certainly not commercial (private circles are non-profit activities); which does not exclude that we can still make some interesting profits. But let us proceed in order, trying to understand what exactly a private circle is and how it is constituted.

What is it and what is done in a private circle

The private club is a (non-public) club that can only be accessed by members who have registered. Where social , recreational and / or cultural activities are promoted . Outside the definitions: the circles are spaces in which we find people who want to spend time together and who, as a rule, share specific interests or habits of life. Any examples? There are sports, cultural, tourist, recreational, university clubs where members love to meet (for a longer or shorter period, depending on their time availability) to have a chat, watch shows, participate in games or tournaments, share readings, plan solidarity initiatives and much more.

Anyone who is considering the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a private club must have clear ideas: what kind of business do you want to start? What services do you want to offer your members? More often than not, private clubs also choose to bet on the opening of a bar or an internal refreshment point (to which only registered players can access), which – as we shall see – have no fiscal constraints to respect.

As already mentioned, the watchword is socializing . For this reason, it is necessary to choose the premises carefully, looking at spaces in which the members can easily relate to each other. Spaces that should be large and well furnished: the more the club will be welcoming and comfortable, the more the members will tend to attend it and invite friends and acquaintances outside to do the same. Since this is an activity that can pursue different purposes, it is impossible to provide information on the possible initial investment. Because – as it is easy to understand – equipping a chess-club with refined furnishings and every kind of comfort,

it is quite different from setting up a space for watching author films by a group of film buffs or an environment where you can play in darts or billiards. In principle, however, an average high figure must be quoted, especially if the club is to be equipped with a bar or specific equipment. But do not despair: the tax benefits will come to meet you foreseen for this type of activity, on which it is good to read up at the competent offices.

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