Open a franchise phone shop, how to make and list of the best franchisors

You’re probably reading this guide from a smartphone or maybe from a tablet. If you’re at the PC or in front of a notebook, maybe you’ll have a smartphone near you. This consideration is to make you think about how smartphones and mobile devices are now always present in our lives. So I decided to talk to you about how to open a franchise phone shop, considering different aspects, products and services that share this definition. Ready to find out? You will know more in the paragraphs that follow.

Open a franchise phone shop: what are we talking about?
Talking about a franchised phone shop is a rather generic label. Under this definition are in fact the stores that sell phones and smartphones, often with a sign of the best known telephone operators . However, the world of services dedicated to phones and mobile devices does not stop there. Among the proposals for the opening of franchised shops, in fact, I have also found two other interesting types of stores, namely the stores of covers and accessories and those of repair and assistance.

In fact, the two different offers sometimes come together, just as it is also possible to find shops that offer not only one of these services but also others that are more or less related to it. As you will see in the paragraphs dedicated to the best proposals for the opening of a franchise store, the offers are different from each other for the type of services offered. In fact, some repair shops offer assistance for different technological devices, such as PCs and printers, and the sale of accessories or services, such as those relating to graphics or printing.

I advise you to evaluate which type of store is right for you based on your preferences and inclinations. If you already have experience in repairing phones or other types of electronic tools, you might consider opening a repair shop or services. If you do not have any experience and do not believe that this idea is right for you, you could still work in the field of telephony, dedicating yourself to the sale of covers and customized products. Whatever your choice, I want to dedicate a few lines to a fundamental aspect for this type of activity: the choice of point of sale .

Where to open a phone shop: the choice of store

As you will see in a few lines, franchisors usually require minimal characteristics for the franchise store. In reality, the type of activity allows the opening practically in every space, starting from really negligible sizes (even just 15 square meters, the equivalent of a room in the house). If you want to open a shop from scratch, consider first that the store to be purchased or rented will have to be located in an area of ​​strong passage, preferably in a pedestrian street. Do not underestimate even the premises available in shopping centers, which lend themselves well to this type of activity.

The type of goods treated allows you to also opt for shops in central areas and without parking. However, before choosing the store always evaluate the accessibility, both pedestrian and public transport. Avoid the roads that are less busy or difficult to reach and prefer instead the areas frequented by different potential customers. In fact, keep in mind that customers interested in this type of shops is completely transversal and therefore does not involve only the younger sections of the population, as it might be induced to think.

Some franchisors also offer the possibility of opening a corner dedicated to the sale or assistance of franchised telephony even within activities already started, as long as they are compatible with the brand. It could be an opportunity for those who want to expand the range of products or services offered to their customers.

How much does it cost to open a phone shop?
If you are thinking about opening a franchise phone shop, you will have to deal with some fixed expenses for all commercial activities and also with the investment required by the franchisor. I can not give you an average figure, but keep in mind that you could start your business starting from just over 10,000 euros. Determinant from this point of view is the amount required for the purchase or rental of the room, which depends a lot on the location and place chosen for your new business. Here is a list of the expenses that you will necessarily have to bear:

Shop: purchase or rent
Activation / connection of utilities
Entry fee requested by the franchisor (plus the eventual first supply of products if not included)
Costs for paperwork

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