LeCoin Solidaire: platform of free classifieds between individuals and professionals

How did you get the idea :

The idea came to us after several simulations on paper and several years, we found the way to implement our ideas.

Your products and services :

We offer our customers to post ads on our platform, free of charge. (Offer pro discovery 5 months free deposit).

Our offer will be aimed at individuals over 18 and professionals from all sectors. (4 main categories are on our platform, classifieds, services, businesses, solidarity and collaborative).

We put a point of honor on the security, We and our partner PAYNAME really want to bring solutions of transaction and confidence. For security, PAYNAME offers a wide variety of services, Legal protection for all your purchases of items or services, paying for a service, sending money, etc. (Services and Transaction fees are free for individuals at PAYNAME)

Our platform will have an evaluation system and the ability to put opinions on a pro or particular profile.

But also after a number of ads we will offer a badge of seriousness.

To promote trust

Your success factors :

Our platform will offer a synergy between pro and individuals.

The pros will be able to become sponsors of the contests that we will realize monthly and thus improve their image of solidarity and collaborative way.

Individuals will be rewarded with gifts every month. Contests by random draw with lots will have places. To participate they will simply Register and publish at least one classic free classified ad on LECOINSOLIDAIRE.COM. (The games will be without obligation to purchase)

Our strengths the establishment of a platform for exchange and sharing with ZERO EURO OF TRANSACTION FEES BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS.

Unlike our competitor blablacar example that levies 0.99e HT + 14.50% on each passenger, example of leetchi 4% on a kitty. We find it not very cool, our platform will offer you the opportunity to earn money, simply create a PAYNAME account and put your referral link in your ad, your contacts become referrals and win 5 euro and you the sponsor will receive 5 euro too.

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one :

We are different from our competitors because we are attached to values ​​of solidarity.

How: our platform is committed to the long term, to redistribute a 20% share on option sales and professional filing fees. Its 20% will be called “TTS = ALL SOLIDARY TAX”.

Its 20% will be redistributed to our customers in the form of contests or by donations to individuals or business creators, associations etc …

No, we have not forgotten the pros, special pros contest games are planned with offers for loyal customers. (Gift announcement pack or a multicast at our partner etc …)

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

The platform will earn money on enhancement options and paid ad submission for pros except 5

first month at the launch of the site.

We will partner with ad multicast companies, for big professional accounts like UBIFLOW, NETTY, IMMOSTORE ETC …

Your competitors :

Many of our competitors are sites like leboncoin, vivastreet, topannonce etc.

But also the pool and co-share sites, LEETCHI, LEPOTCOMMUN, BLABLACAR,

The site like jobbing, SEFAIRE HELP, ETC …

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