How to start supermarket store business?

If you are thinking of opening a supermarket in franchising or you are looking for a new business idea, this is the guide for you. I will tell you about how to open a supermarket in franchising, with some ideas that I have selected among the best franchisors of the moment. You will find ideas for different points of sale, for investment, type and size and you will also find out what are the requirements and procedures to follow to open your store. Keep reading!

Discount, hypermarket, convenience store or supermarket franchise?
Hypermarkets, discount stores, supermarkets, small shops and so on and so forth. Our cities are dotted with sales outlets of all sizes. But which is the best one for a new franchised supermarket? I can not give you an answer that applies to all brands. Keep in mind that the size of your store must be appropriate both to the type of sign and its location.

Some franchisors give specific indications in this regard (you will find some even in the final paragraphs dedicated to the best franchisors). Please note that usually large and medium-sized outlets, even several hundred square meters, are required for supermarkets of the best known brands. However, this does not apply to stores designed to be located in pedestrian areas or in city centers, where the square meters are usually much smaller.

Please also note that the size of the supermarket franchise also depends very much on the type you wish to choose. In fact, for a generic supermarket it is recommended a fairly large size, so as to offer a complete assortment to your customers. Instead, this discussion can be put aside if you decide to open a very special and specific store , such as a shop for loose products . In this case the square footage can also be very limited.

In addition to the size of the store , the choice of the franchisor can also be dictated by different motivations. Some prefer to rely only on the best-known brands of large retailers, while others opt for discounters or for lesser-known brands (but no less reliable or with less chance of success).

Requirements and procedure for opening a supermarket
Regardless of the franchisor you choose and the size of the store, please note that you will need to have some features and follow a precise process to open the store. Regarding your characteristics, you do not need a specific qualification, but you will need to be in possession of the SAB certificate for the administration of food and beverages. This course is not required for those who have worked for at least two of the previous five years in a food or beverage business (including catering).

An experience even minimal in the sale is always recommended, especially because in this way you will already be able to know if a job in contact with the public does or not for you. Please also note that a supermarket will necessarily need one or more employees , in number proportional to the size of the store itself.

As for the real opening of your supermarket, the procedure you will need to follow includes:

Opening of a VAT number
Registration with the local Chamber of Commerce
Sending the single communication for the start of the activity to the municipality of location of the supermarket
Opening of the INPS / Inail position for owner and any collaborators.
Sometimes the franchisor offers a specific support even in this phase, as well as in the choice of the most suitable room. In this regard I suggest you spend some time, especially considering the location of the store, its square footage and the presence or absence of an adequate number of parking spaces. Also carefully evaluate the competition, paying attention to the strengths and weaknesses of stores that are more similar to yours.

How much does it cost to open a supermarket?
I immediately get to the point: the cost of opening a supermarket or a franchised convenience store is difficult to establish for everyone. In fact, the variables that can influence your final investment are really many. Most likely, you could need at least € 35,000 for a small store. The figure is obviously average. To help you consider costs, you’ll find here the most important items you should consider:

Purchase / rent of the premises
Adjustment work and user connection costs
Entry fee requested by the franchisor (plus the eventual first supply of products if not included)
Costs for paperwork
Do not be scared by this list and keep in mind that in some cases it will be the same franchisor to give you support to better plan your investment.

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