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I decided to choose this sector because today more than ever the attention to furniture and design objects has become increasingly affordable for all budgets and environments. After talking to you about furniture and design shops in general, I will explain to you why and above all how to open a shop of this kind. Finally, in the last paragraphs I’ll talk about some brands of design and furniture that offer the opportunity to open a franchise.

Furniture and design: from magazines to our homes
Up until a few years ago, furnishing a house with sophisticated furniture or design elements was a fortune that not everyone could afford. Today, with the advent of commercial chains and the diffusion of design brands, having a refined furniture or owning design objects is within reach of many more people.

The attention dedicated to furnishing the home, offices or commercial spaces is getting more and more attention, as shown by the success of magazines or TV broadcasts and social channels focused on this aspect. Even the number of brands and brands of furniture and design has increased with the passage of time: this is why opening a furniture and design shop in franchising could be a successful idea for your business project.

Open a furniture and design shop: the shops are not all the same

Up to now I have spoken in general of design shops and furniture, but as you will imagine, not all furniture stores and brands are the same. The offer is truly varied: it goes from the latest in design to the classic furniture stores , in poor art, country style or shabby chic , with frequent mixtures between these styles. As you will have understood, the world of furniture is really very articulate: for this reason I suggest you focus on a style or a type of furniture that you like most, in order to create an activity that is truly in line with your interests.

Franchising from this point of view is a big help. In fact, there are many brands to choose from in these sectors and it will not be difficult for you to find the one that best represents your idea of ​​furniture or design. I’ve selected some for you, but I’ll talk about it in a few paragraphs. Now I want instead to focus on the requirements you should have to open a design shop or furniture franchise .

Requirements to open a furniture and design store

I want to reassure you: if you are passionate about design, furniture (or both) you are already on the right track to open your new store. No particular requirements are required, such as qualifications or other. In reality, even in this sector it would be advisable to have a minimal experience or to have attended an inherent study course.

However, keep in mind that you may also consider some specific courses, such as those related to design or an interior decorator course . However, nothing prevents you from opening a franchise furniture store even without this kind of experience, possibly using a franchisor who can offer you a pre-opening training and continuous assistance.

As for the bureaucratic aspects, for the opening of a furniture store you will have to:

Open a VAT number
Register with the local Chamber of Commerce
Send the unique communication for the beginning of the activity to the municipality of location of the store
Depending on the size of the store, you may need the collaboration of one or more people. In this case, ascertain the most suitable form of employment or collaboration for your needs. My advice is to start with the staff you think strictly necessary and then eventually expand the staff with new hires. Consider that often the franchisor indicates the number of employees needed depending on the size of the store.

A factor on which you will have to focus your attention is also that of choosing the room for your store: especially for furniture sales points, you will have to consider a very large surface, possibly with multiple windows and placed in a strong passage area. Also for this aspect, the indications of the franchisor are usually very clear, as you will also see in the following paragraphs, where I have gathered some of the best ideas to open a furniture and design shop in franchising.

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