business idea: Rent a dog for a few hours

The idea  : Rent a dog for a few hours How it

works  : It’s a new way to meet people. You just have to rent a dog, go for a walk in the park with him and he will do the rest. After retrieving the phone numbers, you bring the dog back to the shop.

Investment starting  : Rent a shop (can be done from a pet store), Purchase dogs, Possibly their training ..

Originality  : Can go from the normal dog to the trained dog that will wrap its leash around a certain person when you give him the order

Target Region / Country  : Large cities, where people do not necessarily have the place at home to have a pet.

The idea :

A table decoration for the holidays. Suggest complete table decoration kits for birthdays, baptisms, babyshower, theme parties, Valentine’s Day …

Operation :

Sale on internet, standard kits classified by theme with customization option. Simple and fast: choose the theme, receive your box and install the decorations according to our advice.

Why this idea might work (why this startup succeeds) :

Individuals who organize parties, baptisms, baby shower … are mainly dedicated to the meal, the atmosphere but do not have time to devote to table decoration. But a beautiful table decoration can highlight the meal, to impress and leave a beautiful memory to the guests.

Simple, fast, “in one click”

Target Region / Country :

France – IDF to start

What can our readers do (investors, early-adopters, curious …) for you? :

Give me their opinion on my idea, answer the questionnaire by clicking on the following link: and do not hesitate to share this questionnaire.

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