Business idea: NewInTown, the personal guide dating platform

The idea  :

NewInTown, the personal guide meeting platform. New social network

Operation  :

Are you new to town? Are you a tourist? Do you want to discover the city or meet new people even when you have just arrived? This platform allows tourists or newcomers to get in touch with people who know the place while meeting people.

For that, nothing more simple, you create your profile (Age, sex, centers of interests, date of arrival in city, languages ​​spoken …) by specifying if you are guide, new in city or tourist and finally select your guide online according to your criteria and then make an appointment. A list of criteria is thus to be defined according to your expectations »I wish: to meet people – to know the nice places – to know where to go shopping – to know the cool bars / restaurants – to visit the tourist places – etc ..».

The platform makes it possible to meet new people while discovering the city.

It is then possible to note your guide and so put forward the best guides on the spot and to ban or avoid bad elements. One can even imagine competitions to elect the guide of the month and sponsors everywhere in town, bars, restaurants, shops, monuments etc.

Initial investment  :

Creation of a website, mobile application.

Risks  :

Originality  : New type of social network.

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