Business idea: An exchange platform between travelers and residents

The idea :

Create a platform for connecting travelers and inhabitants of a city to allow travelers to invite themselves to the life of an inhabitant for a whole day and discover their daily lives and to share with them resident to make an associative donation in exchange for the time spent with the traveler. This would offer a completely different approach to tour guides and local guides by promoting human exchange and discovery of the other.

Operation :

The inhabitant fills his profile on the platform by indicating in a short description his personality, what he likes and dislikes, his weekly activities, his job … .etc. The traveler goes to the page of the city where he will soon stay and selects a resident he would like to discover in his daily life and spend a day with him.

If the inhabitant, after exchanges of conversation between them, agrees to receive it, the traveler pays on line the expenses of reservation and receives the address of the inhabitant. Part of the booking fee is donated to an association that the resident has previously wanted to sponsor.

Why this idea might work (why this startup succeeds) :

The overly conventional pattern of tourist guides and local guides abounds in the tourism market and travelers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the offer that suits them.

With this platform, they have a real understanding of what a local life is in the city they visit. They have the opportunity to interfere in the life of an inhabitant and see the reality of his daily life. It is also an opportunity to really exchange on different aspects of the daily life of the traveler and the inhabitant, to exchange culturally and to promote a real human exchange (they can go to the market together, cook together, receive the friends of the inhabitant, go to the theater ….).

From this, can even be born a new friendship. The associative aspect is also to take into account to the extent that the inhabitant gives his time to sponsor an association and the traveler lives a unique experience in the discovery of the daily life of the inhabitant. It is an  alternative travel experience, focused on discovering the other and his world. For the associations, this would allow a new source of funding, with the recruitment of new donors with very low costs of conquest and a new means of relationship with the donors.

Originality :

This concept does not yet exist in the tourism market and could really change the way people travel by combining exchanges, discovery of the other and associative gift. Human and relational exchange is at the center of this concept and everyone benefits. It also helps to keep tourists from an ultra-commercial system .

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