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Starting a new business is like an adventure where every day offers a new challenge, and every problem comes with an obstacle. By removing or passing the barrier, we become able to set up a business and to make it profitable. Although finance is a major contributing factor in starting any business, however, the importance of the right workforce can never be demolished. Having the right people by your side will materialize your dreams in a blink. So if you are planning to start a new business or has already taken the initiative, then this article will help you to know as to how you can find the right people.

  1. Know your business:

Well, many of you will say that it is not as important as we are the ones that started or created the business. Most of the time the creators of the company does not know or does not specify the values and practices that they want in their business environment. So the employees and the partners also get, and it thus creates a sense of irrelevance. When you communicate the culture and the values of the business to your employees and partners, they will feel acknowledge and affiliated.

So, before hiring someone and make them understand the culture and values of the business you should be clear regarding the business culture you want. Know your mission and vision clear and strong.

  1. Be specific regarding job:

You have to be specific when it comes to the job specification. For example, if you are hiring being your partner for the preparation of tax documents, then you should be clear regarding your expectations and demands.

  1. Interview phase:

Well, in a hiring process the most crucial stage is the interview stage, so it is always beneficial to have more than one conversation with the potential candidates. Moreover, in the interview stage, you can easily access the many personality traits which are not otherwise apparent.

  1. CV is not everything:

Most of the employees look at the CV to analyses the eligibility of the candidates as that’s the purpose of CV. However, sometimes the candidates should be analyzed beyond their qualifications and experience on the CV. As we have talked about the culture, so when it comes to knowing who will be the most suitable candidates’ CV do not always perform the right job. Ask the candidates regarding their hobbies and interest to identify more about them.

  1. Help them get on board:

Once you have hired someone to work for your company you have to make them acquainted with the surrounding environment. According to the researches, the retention rate of the employees is profoundly affected by behaving of the co-workers. So, if you have hired an individual, then give them an orientation so that they can get on board.

Hiring can never be a problem if you know what the requirements of the business are and what kind of people you want. So, the next time you have to take a hiring decision keep the points mentioned above in mind.

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What it takes to start a saffron cultivation
Having knowledge of agriculture is a fundamental requirement for starting a cultivation of saffron (minimum distance between plants, irrigation, sowing and harvesting, etc.), as well as knowing the extraction and drying techniques of the delicate pistil. It also serves a very draining plot of land, because the saffron bulb rots with some ease in the presence of excessive water. In reality saffron does not need excessive irrigation: some claim that only rainwater is sufficient to keep the plantation healthy. It should be added that the best yield is on hilly and slightly stony soils.

How much does it cost to grow saffron?
A saffron bulb , also called cormo or crochi (in the plural), costs about 45 euro cents including VAT. A modest expense and we are talking about organic bulbs. You can spend even less (on the market there are also bulbs at 30 cents each, including VAT), but to the detriment of the yield and the final quality of the spice.

A corm from organic farming can produce 3 to 5 flowers. It takes about 100 large flowers (or 200 small ones) to get 1 gram of finished product . One gram of this spice costs on average 20 euros (less if you only sell pistils, valued around 10-12 euros per gram).

Having 1,000 square meters of land it is possible, following the indications of the major producers, to plant around 10,000 crocuses that can yield up to 220 grams of spice, or 4,400 euros . An interesting gain that, however, is achieved with patience, because picking the flower, extracting the pistil, drying it and turning it into dust is a truly painstaking activity. So a certain amount of labor must be put in the budget, at least in the case of a large plot of land.

The saffron market
It is a very popular spice on the domestic and foreign market . In Italy the annual production is strictly connected to the climatic trend: the production range varies annually between 450 and 600 kg. Very little considering that there are about 320 farms that grow saffron. In general, the surfaces used for crocus cultivation are very small (from 200 square meters to 5,000 square meters).

These data are provided directly by the Italian Saffron Observatory , which reminds us, however, that for this spice the market is constantly expanding. The recent conflicts in the Middle East have opened up new scenarios in the saffron market. As the connections with Iran became more complicated, where 90% of this spice is produced, demand for saffron from Spain, Greece and even Italy has increased. Currently Italy exports saffron to the world for over 550,000 euros and this figure, according to analysts, could double within a few years, weather conditions permitting.

Not least it is important to know that the success of saffron is represented by the fact of being considered one of the most powerful and effective aphrodisiac foods.

Growing saffron: rules and bureaucracy
To grow saffron it is necessary to open a farm and register with the local Chamber of Commerce . The legislation relating to marketing is more complex and articulated, even if by consortia with other existing realities it will be easier to have outlets on the market, reducing to a minimum the paperwork for sales.

Franchising saffron
Saffron cultivation is not a fad , but a real productive activity that can yield interesting profits. This is why associations and consortia have been set up to promote the spread of saffron plantations in Italy. Associations that can not only teach you the basics to cultivate this plant (and eventually produce the relative spice), but also provide you with the crocuses and help you to market both the pistils and the finished product.

Among the most active are Zafferano Italiano and Zafferano di Montefeltro, two companies that follow the new saffron grower in every aspect, from the choice of the soil at the time of sowing, from the harvest to the sale.

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Fashion accessories and jewelry: a gift for oneself and others
If you are reading this guide it is likely that you are wondering whether opening a fashion accessories store and franchising jewelery is a good idea. This sector could be interesting first of all for two reasons. The first is that fashion and jewelery accessories are a field that practically knows no crisis both as regards personal purchases and purchases made for others, for example as a gift , for any occasion.

Secondly, this sector could be interesting due to the range of prices that it does not cover from low cost to luxury; this means that the potential customer base that you could reach is almost infinite.

The accessories and jewelery sector is actually very vast and includes a very wide range of products ranging from accessories for the person to fashion accessories such as bags or jewelry , from costume jewelery to high-end jewelery.

Open a fashion and jewelery accessories store: from low cost to luxury
As I told you in the previous lines the market of jewelry and fashion accessories and therefore very vast also with regard to the franchise the offers differ from each other both in the type of goods offered and in regards to the investment necessary to start your business as a franchisor .

We will see later in the offers of some brands that have decided to invest in the Italian territory, as the initial investment that you will have to face is really very diversified; this aspect represents an advantage because it allows practically anyone to enter this sector with a new entrepreneurial activity.

Before seeing in detail some brands that you could choose and find out, however, what are the obligations I should face to open your franchise business .

What do I have to do to open a fashion and jewelry store?
If you decide to rely on one of the brands that has decided to expand using the franchise, you will almost certainly have a range of information and assistance available, even with regards to the opening of the store or the necessary paperwork.

Keep in mind that a fashion and jewelery accessory business is a very simple type of store but you have to comply with the rules set for new business activities.

We will discuss in the following section of the identification of the most suitable commercial premises . With regards to the formalities relating to the opening of the business, it must first of all open an individual or corporate VAT number , depending on the form you will choose for your business. From this point of view we advise you to go to an accountant or ask for a consultation before choosing, especially if the franchise investment involves more people.

After opening the VAT number, the second step is to register with the Chamber of Commerce . You will need to contact the competent office for the place where you have decided to open your store. Both for you and for any members and employees, you will also need to register with INPS and INAIL. Once these practices are finished you will be practically ready for your activity and can then send the single communication for the start of activity to the municipality in which the new business is located.

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What is needed to start the Organic Hens Breeding Farm
In fact, to start an organic chicken farm , in the early days it may be sufficient to have a small plot of land, for a small number of hens (which of course must be left free to roam); land that can be purchased or simply rented, so as to further reduce the economic outlay that is needed for the initial investment. Once the soil is obtained, it must be fenced off and equipped with feeding troughs (the size of which will widen with increasing number of hens), cold rooms and drinking troughs. The most important aspect, of course, is that the animals are free to move, and above all that they can do it in a space suited to them and consistent with their nature. As for the type of animals to choose, one can only focus on the laying hen , which is the one that ensures a profitable oviculture ; it is good to opt, then, for native animals, which have the advantage of being able to resist disease.

Start an organic chicken farm: costs and earnings
Compared to other types of farming , that of organic hens requires a rather low initial outlay; it must also be taken into account that oviculture gives immediate gains, and there is no need to wait months or years to see the first revenue. You can decide to sell the eggsdirectly to consumers, perhaps by applying initially low prices to promote the business (25 cents per egg), or resort to a vending machine to be replenished day after day. It is no exaggeration to hypothesize, already for the first year, a sale of 30 thousand eggs, which can then be extended over time, also in consideration of the increasingly strong attraction that the zero kilometer exerts against consumers. The important thing, in any case, is to refer to an adequate business plan, which takes into account not only the short but also the long term, taking into consideration, beyond the initial costs, all the variables that could play an important role , such as market saturation in the sector, distribution costs and supply costs.

Start an organic chicken farm: bureaucracy
At the legislative and bureaucratic level, it is always advisable to consult the local regulations, be they regional, provincial or municipal, in order to start a organic hen breeding , because they can vary from area to area. Referring to the local section of Coldiretti or to the nearest agricultural consortium, then, you can get all the information on the veterinary and sanitary hygiene rules that are in force. The Italian National Aviculture Union can also provide important support from this point of view.

In terms of contributions and taxes, the rules change according to the profits that are registered and, in general, to the volume of business: in some cases it may be sufficient to open the VAT number and act as a sole proprietorship, while in others it may be more useful to register with the Inland Revenue as a simple company. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the trade associations in order to know how to open a position at Inail level and INPS level, starting all the necessary procedures to start the activity also on the basis of Decree Law number 267 of July 2003 specifically dedicated to breeding of laying hens , as well as of Reg. (EC) 1804/99 concerning the “method of organic animal production”

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In hectic times like ours, finding time to relax a little, in the company of people who have interests similar to ours, can be salvific. That is why opening a private circle – which, by definition, aims to promote socialization among the people who frequent it – can prove to be a winning idea. The important thing is to do everything according to the rules and not to take advantage of the tax breaks that exempt from paying taxes. The inspiring intent must be primarily solidaristic and certainly not commercial (private circles are non-profit activities); which does not exclude that we can still make some interesting profits. But let us proceed in order, trying to understand what exactly a private circle is and how it is constituted.

What is it and what is done in a private circle

The private club is a (non-public) club that can only be accessed by members who have registered. Where social , recreational and / or cultural activities are promoted . Outside the definitions: the circles are spaces in which we find people who want to spend time together and who, as a rule, share specific interests or habits of life. Any examples? There are sports, cultural, tourist, recreational, university clubs where members love to meet (for a longer or shorter period, depending on their time availability) to have a chat, watch shows, participate in games or tournaments, share readings, plan solidarity initiatives and much more.

Anyone who is considering the idea of ​​opening a private club must have clear ideas: what kind of business do you want to start? What services do you want to offer your members? More often than not, private clubs also choose to bet on the opening of a bar or an internal refreshment point (to which only registered players can access), which – as we shall see – have no fiscal constraints to respect.

As already mentioned, the watchword is socializing . For this reason, it is necessary to choose the premises carefully, looking at spaces in which the members can easily relate to each other. Spaces that should be large and well furnished: the more the club will be welcoming and comfortable, the more the members will tend to attend it and invite friends and acquaintances outside to do the same. Since this is an activity that can pursue different purposes, it is impossible to provide information on the possible initial investment. Because – as it is easy to understand – equipping a chess-club with refined furnishings and every kind of comfort,

it is quite different from setting up a space for watching author films by a group of film buffs or an environment where you can play in darts or billiards. In principle, however, an average high figure must be quoted, especially if the club is to be equipped with a bar or specific equipment. But do not despair: the tax benefits will come to meet you foreseen for this type of activity, on which it is good to read up at the competent offices.

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I decided to choose this sector because today more than ever the attention to furniture and design objects has become increasingly affordable for all budgets and environments. After talking to you about furniture and design shops in general, I will explain to you why and above all how to open a shop of this kind. Finally, in the last paragraphs I’ll talk about some brands of design and furniture that offer the opportunity to open a franchise.

Furniture and design: from magazines to our homes
Up until a few years ago, furnishing a house with sophisticated furniture or design elements was a fortune that not everyone could afford. Today, with the advent of commercial chains and the diffusion of design brands, having a refined furniture or owning design objects is within reach of many more people.

The attention dedicated to furnishing the home, offices or commercial spaces is getting more and more attention, as shown by the success of magazines or TV broadcasts and social channels focused on this aspect. Even the number of brands and brands of furniture and design has increased with the passage of time: this is why opening a furniture and design shop in franchising could be a successful idea for your business project.

Open a furniture and design shop: the shops are not all the same

Up to now I have spoken in general of design shops and furniture, but as you will imagine, not all furniture stores and brands are the same. The offer is truly varied: it goes from the latest in design to the classic furniture stores , in poor art, country style or shabby chic , with frequent mixtures between these styles. As you will have understood, the world of furniture is really very articulate: for this reason I suggest you focus on a style or a type of furniture that you like most, in order to create an activity that is truly in line with your interests.

Franchising from this point of view is a big help. In fact, there are many brands to choose from in these sectors and it will not be difficult for you to find the one that best represents your idea of ​​furniture or design. I’ve selected some for you, but I’ll talk about it in a few paragraphs. Now I want instead to focus on the requirements you should have to open a design shop or furniture franchise .

Requirements to open a furniture and design store

I want to reassure you: if you are passionate about design, furniture (or both) you are already on the right track to open your new store. No particular requirements are required, such as qualifications or other. In reality, even in this sector it would be advisable to have a minimal experience or to have attended an inherent study course.

However, keep in mind that you may also consider some specific courses, such as those related to design or an interior decorator course . However, nothing prevents you from opening a franchise furniture store even without this kind of experience, possibly using a franchisor who can offer you a pre-opening training and continuous assistance.

As for the bureaucratic aspects, for the opening of a furniture store you will have to:

Open a VAT number
Register with the local Chamber of Commerce
Send the unique communication for the beginning of the activity to the municipality of location of the store
Depending on the size of the store, you may need the collaboration of one or more people. In this case, ascertain the most suitable form of employment or collaboration for your needs. My advice is to start with the staff you think strictly necessary and then eventually expand the staff with new hires. Consider that often the franchisor indicates the number of employees needed depending on the size of the store.

A factor on which you will have to focus your attention is also that of choosing the room for your store: especially for furniture sales points, you will have to consider a very large surface, possibly with multiple windows and placed in a strong passage area. Also for this aspect, the indications of the franchisor are usually very clear, as you will also see in the following paragraphs, where I have gathered some of the best ideas to open a furniture and design shop in franchising.

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The 33rd Salone del Franchising Milano has just been held , started on October 25th and ended on October 27th at the FieraMilanoCity, where Mail Boxes Etc. is present to present their new development plan which foresees the opening of several new Centers throughout Italy. For those who will become part of their network are also provided for important financial facilities . We at Bianco Lavoro were present!

Who is and what does Mail Boxes Etc.
Mail Boxes Etc. was founded in 1980 in San Diego, California and, the first pilot center in Italy was born in 1993 in Milan, after the acquisition of the MBE brand by Graziano Fiorelli. From 1993 to today, the network has reached more than 500 Service Centers in Italy and over 2,500 Centers in 44 countries thanks to the acquisition, in 2017, of two American companies with similar offers: AlphaGraphics and PostNet.

Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the major Franchising Service Centers that deals with printing, communications, shipping, graphics, micro-logistics for both companies and individuals. In particular, the MBE centers are managed by independent entrepreneurs who are constantly supported by a team of experts, in order to offer their customers, mainly composed of small and medium-sized companies, a support for the development of their business.

Open an MBE Franchise: the new discounts provided
On the occasion of the 33rd Salone Franchising Milano, MBE will announce a new agreement with Banco BPM that will give the opportunity to those who intend to open an MBE Service Center to be able to request subsidized loans to start the business. Thanks to this agreement, it will be possible to request funding at favorable conditions to open a Service Center as well as having the possibility to contact the bank and have an appointment in which solutions will be proposed with reference to the arrangements agreed between the bank and MBE. This type of product is called Flexible Unsecured Loan and will meet the needs of MBE franchisees through customized solutions that can be summarized, for example, in the structure of the amortization plan, the installments and the day of the month in which to charge them.

” Thanks to the agreement with Banco BPM, the MBE Franchisee can apply, on favorable conditions, of financing products deemed suitable for the financial support of the investments related to the Service Centers of our Network. They will also have the opportunity to contact the bank directly and quickly get an appointment with the most convenient branch, where they will present the various possible solutions based on the specific arrangements agreed between MBE and the bank “, explains Fabrizio Mantovani, Business Development & Support Director MBE.

In addition to this new agreement, Mail Boxes Etc. had previously signed other agreements to support both the already operational Centers and the new affiliates, which involved facilitated loans with an unsecured loan and with Grenke , a product that allows affiliated entrepreneurs to be able to rent the assets for the preparation of the Center instead of buying them. Also, on this occasion we will be presented the development plans throughout the country as well as the characteristics of Franchising Mail Boxes Etc .

MBE promotes youth entrepreneurship in the South
To promote youth entrepreneurship in the southern regions, Mail Boxes Etc. held a workshop in the city of Naples on October 23 where it presented the resources made available by the institutions to promote the start-up of new businesses as well as presenting the call for tenders ” Rest in the South ” which aims to promote self-employment in Southern Italy. This call is aimed at young people between 18 and 35 who want to open an activity linked to the production of goods and services.

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Think of a store with more or less accessible prices where everyone goes, sooner or later. The answer is in the guide that I propose today: the intimate. Because we all need to buy underwear or costumes (but also socks, pajamas or home wear) for ourselves or for a gift. If you have never considered opening a store of underwear and swimwear in franchising, this guide will be right for you. I will tell you about the opportunities given by these stores, the procedure to be followed for the opening and finally I will conclude with some of the best underwear franchises to choose from.

Underwear and swimwear: intimate, but not only
The sale of underwear and swimsuits is a very interesting sector to be evaluated for those who want to open a new business . Keep in mind that as I told you a few lines ago, sooner or later everyone will have to buy underwear. In reality, the success and spread of this type of store does not depend only on this. As is the case with clothing, even lingerie stores now have more collections during the course of the year, regardless of whether they are commercial or more sought-after brands.

Moreover, compared to a few years ago, the opening of stores exclusively dedicated to underwear has become a reality in all cities and commercial spaces. Another interesting aspect for those who would like to consider this type of franchise business also derives from the store ‘s assortment . In fact, underwear and costume shops often expand their range of products in pajamas and clothing for the night, for the home, accessories, socks and in some cases also offer clothing. I told you this to make you understand how the number of customers potentially interested in a lingerie shop is ever more transversal.

Open an underwear and swimwear shop: different styles for different customers
In the previous lines I talked about underwear stores, referring to a very general type, to explain all the potentialities. However, keep in mind that there is not just one type of store and therefore also the opening of a shop of underwear and costumes in franchising can differentiate depending on the chosen franchisor. The market is really very diversified: it goes from general stores, which sell underwear suitable for the whole family, those dedicated to the most sought-after underwear, perhaps only for women, to stores more attentive to fashion trends, which follow in part styles dictated by clothing.

I can not point out as best a typology or another: what I suggest is to always choose a franchise (for the intimate but in general for each category) that more reflects your tastes and your preferences, in addition to experiences that you may have already matured.

Requirements to open an underwear and swimwear shop
Opening a swimwear shop and franchise store is an idea you could consider even if you do not have a specific degree. In fact, no course of study is necessary, even if a little ‘experience is always recommended. In addition to the passion for this type of clothing, the propensity to work in public, courtesy and attention to new fashion trends are an added value.

Regarding the opening of the store, if you choose a franchise it is very likely that the franchisor will assist you in all phases. In general, remember that the procedure for opening a non-food store includes:

Open a VAT number
Registration with the local Chamber of Commerce
Send the unique communication for the beginning of the activity to the municipality of location of the store
Registration for INPS and INAIL
In the event that you decide to avail yourself of the collaboration of other people, they must be in good standing with everything concerning hiring or collaboration. I advise you to ask the support of an accountant to better understand what form of framing to choose, depending on your needs.

As I often say in the advice to new entrepreneurs , spend a lot of time choosing the store. Also in this case the franchisor could come to your aid, with advice on the aspects to consider. Some brands require precise characteristics, as you will see in the following paragraphs, dedicated to the best ideas of the moment to open a franchise store.

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The 33rd Edition of the Milan Franchising Show was held at Fieramilanocity , an event of national relevance in the affiliation business, which saw the participation of over 17 thousand visitors with an increase of 15% compared to the previous edition. Helena and Marco di Bianco Lavoro have been present for the duration of the event and have collected many testimonies (soon online), for now here are the data, the report and some nice photos.

Salone Franchising Milan: a success on all fronts
During the three days of affiliate trade , the Milan Franchising Show was a place where content, education, business and entertainment created an extremely positive atmosphere. All these elements meant that the most significant result compared to the success of this event was the visitors’ stay time that went from 3 hours to 4½ hours compared to last year.

In an exhibition area increased by 18% compared to 2017 and over 200 commercial brands, the Franchising Show was a place of important decisions for the future that satisfied both the participants and the exhibitors. Confirming the success of this event came the words of the president of the Salone Antonio Fossati who underlined that not only the quality of the job interviews and the quantity of visitors was raised, but also the percentage of visitors coming from the Center and from the South of Italy.

Exclusive Interviews
Helena Hagan of Bianco Lavoro interviewed dozens of franchisors exclusively, soon the best videos on youtube! For now some images …

Salone Franchising Milan 2018: satisfied exhibitors
Exhibitors satisfied that, during this event, they contacted and evaluated a large number of candidates both for the opening of new sales points and of affiliate service agencies . For some of them it was the first experience at a franchise fair like Domino’s Pizza whose Ad Alessandro Lazzaroni said he had several quality meetings.

Re / Max Italia was also satisfied and , for the Milan Franchising Show to be held next year, decided to double the stand. But also Careffour, Coop and Prima Donna have underlined the numerous positive aspects of the fair including, in addition to the numerous contacts and the great turnout, also the perfect organization that allowed visitors to know exactly what to look for.

The Hall of Opportunities
Really many sectors represented for franchise opportunities: ice cream , caffettterie , private postal , breweries , elder care services , etc … to please potential franchisees of each sector and for each type of investment.

Marco Moretti, president of Fandango Club , underlined that this is the second exhibition organized by them, which has been modernized through a ” captivating and practical layout, with the spectacularization of conferences and workshops, with new initiatives such as the Talent Show ” . All this has allowed this show to be an event of dreams and opportunities. Also frequent on the stage of the Franchising School attended by over a thousand people as well as the 4You Franchising which recorded 220 presences who took advantage of free consultations from experts in the sector.

Great attention was also paid to the “Re.start-smart up your business” talent show, which saw innovative projects and start-ups with regard to new stores. The finalist projects selected by a jury of experts are, for example, the Concept Store, a drink bar that allows you to have cocktails ready at home; an online platform called Bibliogiochi, which allows you to rent games and toys; MyAgry, which gives the opportunity to experience the experience as a farmer; and many others.

Particular attention has also been given to the retail world on which conferences have been organized by Federfranchising to highlight how the future of robotics also concerns the world of franchising, as the first concepts regarding the catering sector are being developed with a totally automated service.


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If you are thinking of opening a supermarket in franchising or you are looking for a new business idea, this is the guide for you. I will tell you about how to open a supermarket in franchising, with some ideas that I have selected among the best franchisors of the moment. You will find ideas for different points of sale, for investment, type and size and you will also find out what are the requirements and procedures to follow to open your store. Keep reading!

Discount, hypermarket, convenience store or supermarket franchise?
Hypermarkets, discount stores, supermarkets, small shops and so on and so forth. Our cities are dotted with sales outlets of all sizes. But which is the best one for a new franchised supermarket? I can not give you an answer that applies to all brands. Keep in mind that the size of your store must be appropriate both to the type of sign and its location.

Some franchisors give specific indications in this regard (you will find some even in the final paragraphs dedicated to the best franchisors). Please note that usually large and medium-sized outlets, even several hundred square meters, are required for supermarkets of the best known brands. However, this does not apply to stores designed to be located in pedestrian areas or in city centers, where the square meters are usually much smaller.

Please also note that the size of the supermarket franchise also depends very much on the type you wish to choose. In fact, for a generic supermarket it is recommended a fairly large size, so as to offer a complete assortment to your customers. Instead, this discussion can be put aside if you decide to open a very special and specific store , such as a shop for loose products . In this case the square footage can also be very limited.

In addition to the size of the store , the choice of the franchisor can also be dictated by different motivations. Some prefer to rely only on the best-known brands of large retailers, while others opt for discounters or for lesser-known brands (but no less reliable or with less chance of success).

Requirements and procedure for opening a supermarket
Regardless of the franchisor you choose and the size of the store, please note that you will need to have some features and follow a precise process to open the store. Regarding your characteristics, you do not need a specific qualification, but you will need to be in possession of the SAB certificate for the administration of food and beverages. This course is not required for those who have worked for at least two of the previous five years in a food or beverage business (including catering).

An experience even minimal in the sale is always recommended, especially because in this way you will already be able to know if a job in contact with the public does or not for you. Please also note that a supermarket will necessarily need one or more employees , in number proportional to the size of the store itself.

As for the real opening of your supermarket, the procedure you will need to follow includes:

Opening of a VAT number
Registration with the local Chamber of Commerce
Sending the single communication for the start of the activity to the municipality of location of the supermarket
Opening of the INPS / Inail position for owner and any collaborators.
Sometimes the franchisor offers a specific support even in this phase, as well as in the choice of the most suitable room. In this regard I suggest you spend some time, especially considering the location of the store, its square footage and the presence or absence of an adequate number of parking spaces. Also carefully evaluate the competition, paying attention to the strengths and weaknesses of stores that are more similar to yours.

How much does it cost to open a supermarket?
I immediately get to the point: the cost of opening a supermarket or a franchised convenience store is difficult to establish for everyone. In fact, the variables that can influence your final investment are really many. Most likely, you could need at least € 35,000 for a small store. The figure is obviously average. To help you consider costs, you’ll find here the most important items you should consider:

Purchase / rent of the premises
Adjustment work and user connection costs
Entry fee requested by the franchisor (plus the eventual first supply of products if not included)
Costs for paperwork
Do not be scared by this list and keep in mind that in some cases it will be the same franchisor to give you support to better plan your investment.

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You’re probably reading this guide from a smartphone or maybe from a tablet. If you’re at the PC or in front of a notebook, maybe you’ll have a smartphone near you. This consideration is to make you think about how smartphones and mobile devices are now always present in our lives. So I decided to talk to you about how to open a franchise phone shop, considering different aspects, products and services that share this definition. Ready to find out? You will know more in the paragraphs that follow.

Open a franchise phone shop: what are we talking about?
Talking about a franchised phone shop is a rather generic label. Under this definition are in fact the stores that sell phones and smartphones, often with a sign of the best known telephone operators . However, the world of services dedicated to phones and mobile devices does not stop there. Among the proposals for the opening of franchised shops, in fact, I have also found two other interesting types of stores, namely the stores of covers and accessories and those of repair and assistance.

In fact, the two different offers sometimes come together, just as it is also possible to find shops that offer not only one of these services but also others that are more or less related to it. As you will see in the paragraphs dedicated to the best proposals for the opening of a franchise store, the offers are different from each other for the type of services offered. In fact, some repair shops offer assistance for different technological devices, such as PCs and printers, and the sale of accessories or services, such as those relating to graphics or printing.

I advise you to evaluate which type of store is right for you based on your preferences and inclinations. If you already have experience in repairing phones or other types of electronic tools, you might consider opening a repair shop or services. If you do not have any experience and do not believe that this idea is right for you, you could still work in the field of telephony, dedicating yourself to the sale of covers and customized products. Whatever your choice, I want to dedicate a few lines to a fundamental aspect for this type of activity: the choice of point of sale .

Where to open a phone shop: the choice of store

As you will see in a few lines, franchisors usually require minimal characteristics for the franchise store. In reality, the type of activity allows the opening practically in every space, starting from really negligible sizes (even just 15 square meters, the equivalent of a room in the house). If you want to open a shop from scratch, consider first that the store to be purchased or rented will have to be located in an area of ​​strong passage, preferably in a pedestrian street. Do not underestimate even the premises available in shopping centers, which lend themselves well to this type of activity.

The type of goods treated allows you to also opt for shops in central areas and without parking. However, before choosing the store always evaluate the accessibility, both pedestrian and public transport. Avoid the roads that are less busy or difficult to reach and prefer instead the areas frequented by different potential customers. In fact, keep in mind that customers interested in this type of shops is completely transversal and therefore does not involve only the younger sections of the population, as it might be induced to think.

Some franchisors also offer the possibility of opening a corner dedicated to the sale or assistance of franchised telephony even within activities already started, as long as they are compatible with the brand. It could be an opportunity for those who want to expand the range of products or services offered to their customers.

How much does it cost to open a phone shop?
If you are thinking about opening a franchise phone shop, you will have to deal with some fixed expenses for all commercial activities and also with the investment required by the franchisor. I can not give you an average figure, but keep in mind that you could start your business starting from just over 10,000 euros. Determinant from this point of view is the amount required for the purchase or rental of the room, which depends a lot on the location and place chosen for your new business. Here is a list of the expenses that you will necessarily have to bear:

Shop: purchase or rent
Activation / connection of utilities
Entry fee requested by the franchisor (plus the eventual first supply of products if not included)
Costs for paperwork

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